The ongoing, transition, hope and surprise

August 9th, 2009

Had a great talk with my friend Victoria Legg ( about transition and the time is takes to recover, and discover, what you’ve lost and what still remains. She herself after a protracted transition is pushing through the fog, doing a great deal of work, assessing what is produced and letting go to the muse. It seems we will never be fully aware, completely understanding our situation enough to actually be in the ‘driver’s seat’ through the maze of days, but that letting go or getting out of the way of ourselves can deliver something surprising – a surprise of suddenly feeling fulfilled. A enlightenment that reveals how the path is still there, we are just further along now. One of those momentary openings into the timeless flow.

As the worm turns

July 31st, 2009

Caught in work and the need for cash flow severly impacted the Back to Basics or truly just brought me dead center to the Basics. Anywhos my August show at City Art Gallery will be a group of images of the city at night.

Still so many rolls to develop. It is like a treasure, a surprise (hopefully a pleasant one) waiting to happen. And waiting, and waiting…

I recall reading often about photographers having a quantity of rolls left undeveloped at their death. For posterity and procrastination I uphold the tradition. I suppose the near future will have scores of memory cards laying about never uploaded or printed. Tomayto – Tomaato.

Back to Basics

May 9th, 2009

Eric Black back in town suggested we have a photo outing. When camera choice was mentioned I realized how unconnected I was due to the digital point and shoot I had been using of recent. I decided to return to the setup that had inspired me many moons ago, my medium format square image Bronica SQA shooting B&W film. My intent is to shoot my new digs for my upcoming August show at City Art. Just straight images to begin with, back to basics.
I have been struggling with my photographic path for the past 10 years or so. Wondering of recent why I had so little connection, even to the point of abandoning the medium. But for what? Even larger abyss, or possibility.
So for now I will return to letting my eye dictate the action and let the mind play elsewhere. We’ll see.

The Beginning

April 24th, 2009

And so begins the Musings.

I am curious where this platform of Musings will lead. My initial interest was to catalogue and discuss the art work we have in our abode. A place for me to stimulate the art sensibilities that for the most part have been rather dormant for longer than I’d care to consider. Yet consider I have and hence created an outlet to rekindle the flow.

Good luck to me.